About Us

A respected Melbourne based consultancy practice which specialises in town planning services and project coordination.

We work in the development of offices, retail, aged care, industrial, retirement villages, tourism, subdivision, mixed use sites, residential apartments as well as covenant matters both in and around Melbourne and country Victoria.

Representation of clients both at VCAT and the Supreme Court has been at the core of the practice.

We have a commitment to quality design and built form outcomes, collaborating with multi disciplinary terms.

We also have a long track record in project management and project coordination leading teams in developing large residential, industrial and tourism developments.

The team is committed to providing timely expert and personalised services to our client base.

We provide planning advice on a range of land use and development themes including:

  • Strategic
    • Strategic Planning and Forecasting,
      Scoping Reports and Feasibility Assessments,
      Due Diligence Assessment
      Broadacre subdivision planning
      Project Co-ordination
  • Planning Applications
    • Retail development,
      Commercial development,
      Industrial subdivision,
      Aged care facilities, Apartment developments
  • Covenants
    • Planning permit Applications and Affidavits for Supreme Court Applications.
  • Planning Scheme Amendments
    • Combined Rezoning and Planning Permit applications
    • Broad Acre Rezoning
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    • Advocacy and expert witness statements

We have a broad client base extending over most development categories.

Recent Projects